Join us and be part of a fun & easy, one-of-a-kind Event, ducking, diving and dodging with 105 Male & Female Warriors opposed by an equal number of Males & Females on a 100 x 150 foot Arena.

This is a single person Event – every man/woman for his/her self.  Anyone who can throw a ball can play, experienced or amateur, young or mature, male or female, in shape or working on it, bring your energy, your drive, your agility and your endurance to push yourself to the Max to avoid a meteor storm of Balls.

The Victorious Warriors of three (3) Rounds of challenging, exciting competition will face off against each other in a Final Round.Come and enjoy a weekend of fun, challenge, food and entertainment while showing your skills and capability.

Bring your friends and/or family to watch and cheer you on as you strive with all your heart and courage to collect the BIG MONEY!


Food, Beverages & DJ Entertainment Available 

FREE Parking

FREE Admission to spectators with participants (Limit of 2)


Winning Prize Money